Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cole's Poll, December 7

There will be one more poll, but not until after the championship game. Florida is the early favorite (+3), and people are basically giving them the edge due to their defense. Another reason for the favoritism is due to “Big Game” Bob’s recent bowl struggles, which is somewhat fair. In thinking back to both games, it is hard to get motivated for Boise State or West Virginia. However, that is no excuse for losing to a loser school, or getting schooled by very motivated West Virginia Team. My prediction is that this year’s OU team will come out swinging and the game could very well come down to who has the ball last. I see OU beating Florida just like LSU did last year in what should surely be an instant classic that OU will be happy to watch again! Here is my final regular season poll:

1. OU
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Texas Tech
5. USC
6. Penn State
7. Alabama
8. Utah
9. Cincinnati
10. Ohio State
11. TCU
12. Oklahoma State
13. Boise State
14. Georgia Tech
15. Oregon

• Oklahoma vs. Florida is going to be a great game. Hopefully, OU’s explosiveness will keep the Gators on their heels. It will be fun to root against Tebow too, who is one of the greatest people who has ever played football.
• Pittsburgh is all excited about getting to play in the Sun Bowl, the Sun Bowl. That is always a huge disappointment to everyone I know of, but in Pittsburgh they shouted with excitement about the game.
• Notre Dame kept Charlie Weis for another year and play Hawaii in the Hawaiian bowl, they might actually break their bowl losing streak.

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