Tuesday, December 16, 2008

President Bush = Cat-like Reflexes!

Yesterday some Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President Bush. He is being hailed as a terrorist by some, hero by others. To me this idiot needs to simply look back at his past and remember what life was like under his former president, Saddam Hussein. If that lunatic was still in office, this journalist would probably have been publicly executed in the most gruesome of fashions. It is one thing to be displeased with where you currently are, but don’t forget who gave you the freedom you now enjoy.

Many people have differing opinions on Bush and the Iraq War. According to the media, few if any agree with it, but you have to look at the facts. After 9/11, America was scared, insecure, and filled with nothing but questions. Since that time there have been zero domestic attacks… zero! President Bush may not be popular, but on this issue only he will go down as one of the great presidents.

Just think of that fact. If you would have asked any American if we could go over 7 years without another terror attack, my guess is that few, if any would have guessed that to be possible. Going into Iraq was on the premised that there were weapons of mass destruction, which evidence has proven to be false. My thought: who cares? A horrid dictator who executed a mass genocide of his own people has been removed from office (a fact no one seems to care about). A people has been liberated from oppression. A dictatorship has been replaced by a democracy. And as far as our selfish American society is concerned, the fight has been taken half-way across the world instead of on our turf.

In an odd way, President Bush should see this as a complement to his work. Because of his bold convictions, Iraqis now enjoy many of the freedoms we take for granted here in the States. Sure there was great sacrifice too, sacrifices I cannot begin to grasp, as many of our best gave their lives for the cause of freedom and security, but as Woodrow Wilson said, “To work for the common good is the greatest creed.”

Barak Obama is about to be president. I expect him to pull the troops out of Iraq quickly, as was a huge platform for his candidacy. It will be interesting to see how terrorist feel about our absence in Iraq. Will they leave us alone because we leave? Will they no longer care about the infidels they seek to destroy? Will Obama’s presence in the Oval office deter them at all? If you think the situation is going to get better, I would like to remind you that before 9/11 terrorism was not real, it was just something that we saw on news on the other side of the planet.

God bless President Bush and his cat-like reflexes. Seriously, it should hack off Americans that some vigilantly would attack our President. Shame on every American who thinks this was justified and is not outraged by it. George W. is our president, our representative, the current face of freedom for the world. This is a terrible action. In the same vain, considering the circumstances, it is awesome to have a president that can avoid shoes being hurled at him. And if you did not notice the sorry secret servicemen, it is also impressive to see that he did not need those slow reacting men to coddle him after the incident. He took it in stride and made light of it. Due to all of these facts, I am prouder of President Bush that I have been in a while. Hail the chief!


Anonymous said...

"Since 9/11 there have been no domestic attacks"

Yeah, exempting 9/11 from that list pretty much reduces it to zero, but 9/11 still happened on the boy king's watch, which is why he'll be joining Herbert Hoover in the hall of shame. You fail clown, see ya in the funny pages.

Keepin' the Faith said...

Oh my - The Bush-haters even found your post. I would like to thank you for speaking the truth.

Although I am a staunch conservative, I have disagreed with President on some issues (mainly economic). That being said, he has kept the country we love safe. He has my eternal gratitude.

God bless,

Faith Steketee