Sunday, December 28, 2008

Global Warming and Chicken Little

I have my doubts about global warming. The lack of real scientific data and the sensation of computer depictions for the future seem out of touch too. If anything, there earth seems to go in cycles where there are times where the earth is warmer or cooler (google the global cooling fad of the 70’s pushed by the same type of people pushing global warming).

Anyway, NASA recently came out with a report stating that the earth is cooling again. 2008 will go down as the coolest year since 2000. The article goes on to state this is the eighth warmest year on record, implying that this cooling is not good news on any front… but what do you expect these people pushing their agenda to say?

Oh by the way have you heard, Chicken Little just ran by and they sky is falling too!


Raining Manna said...

I am not smart enough to know if their is global warming or not (I lean towards not), however, I do know that the earth is not the same earth it was when I was a kid. I grew up on Grand Lake when it was truly beautiful - it is not the same lake it was 20 years ago. The same goes for waterways, air quality, forests and the earth in general. If the focus wasn't on is the earth heating or cooling but being good stewards of what we have, the heating and cooling would take care of itself.

Cole Hedgecock said...

I fully agree with you. The green movement makes sense, who does not want to save money! Making it all about global warming, turns many people off.