Friday, December 12, 2008

"Doing The Most Good" - Salvation Army

Yesterday I actually read this sign, probably because there was no annoying bell ringer outside of the store I was heading into. It caught my eye and caused me think that it was funny that the Salvation Army is, “Doing The Most Good.” What an odd advertising slogan.

Are they trying to be competitive? Do they really think they are better than other charities? Why put that on there? To me, they are as I previously stated, annoying because solicit giving to your group through being obnoxious and shaming people.

Don’t get me wrong, they have good intentions and (from what I know about them) are rooted in Christian principles, but the sign is odd and their practices for raising funds are a turnoff to me. They would be doing more good if they would put the bells and shame-seekers away and let people give as they feel led… and get a new slogan too!

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Raining Manna said...

at present, Salvation Army officers have to marry other officers in the Salvation Army if they wish to remain in the ministry. If they marry outside they can no longer be ministers. This is currently under review but I find this very strange.

Kind of occult like to me. How do you feel about that?