Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be Willing to Fail, by Craig Groeschel

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At Innovation3, Craig Groeschel of (Edmond, OK) spoke via video about how leaders who have “it” are willing to fail.

Often leaders who have “it” succeed. And sometimes they fail, but they learn from the failure. Leaders who don’t have “it” often are afraid to take risk and possibly fail.

Failing is often a big part of success. Think about learning how to ride a bike.

When Peter experienced the grace of Jesus after his failure, he was able to preach in a way that few others could.

Sometimes you have to try and fail and learn and adjust. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And before long through your failures, God does something very special.

Failure is not an option. It is absolutely necessary. You must be willing to fail.

Often what works is born out of what did not work.


1. Create a culture that allows for failure.
You could call things “experiments.” You can let people know ahead of time that you will fail but fail aggressively.

2. Do not internalize failures.Failing at something does not mean that you are a failure.

3. Debrief
Learn from your mistakes

4. Don’t give up.The only thing standing between you and the next level of ministry success might be a failure that will teach you something.

Written by Kent Shaffer
Owner of Bombay Creative

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