Friday, January 30, 2009

Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming is a "Hoax"

Global warming has never been something I have believed in or given much stock too. That does not mean I am for destroying the earth, as we have a responsibility to take care of what God has given to us, but what does bother me is when people cling to trees and in the same breath are all for killing babies… another post for another time.

Anyway, yesterday the founder of the Weather Channel blasted Al Gore for the global warming “hoax”. Gore is known for (according to himself) “inventing the internet,” being Clinton’s VP, and his global warming push. While he has received a noble peace prize for his work and an Oscar, he is accused of using “bad science” for his work.

Here is the article:

The founder of the Weather Channel is ridiculing Al Gore over his calls for action on global climate change, saying in a column that global warming is a "hoax" and "bad science."

John Coleman, now a weatherman at San Diego's KUSI, wrote on his station's Web site Wednesday that Gore refuses to acknowledge the faulty research on which the idea of global warming is based.

Coleman's lengthy scolding came as the former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner addressed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and urged lawmakers to pass a bill that would put caps on heat-trapping gases and take the lead on a global climate treaty.

Coleman wrote that the Environmental Protection Agency is "on the verge" of naming CO2 (carbon dioxide) as a pollutant, and that seemingly all of Washington is on board with such CO2 silliness."

"I am totally convinced there is no scientific basis for any of it," Coleman wrote, describing the decades-old theory that increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere leads to global warming.

"Global Warming. It is the hoax. It is bad science. It is a high jacking of public policy. It is no joke. It is the greatest scam in history," Coleman wrote.

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