Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday I had lunch with Rex, one of the wisest men I know and a member of my church. We were talking about the difficulty of ministry (his dad is a retired pastor) and the challenge of motivating volunteers. He spoke of how people who fail to serve in the church are typically lacking in their relationship with God, and how those who do serve, serve out a desire to be obedient.

My favorite part of this discussion was when he discussed the importance of paying volunteers. Obviously you don’t pay volunteers cash, but that does not mean you give them nothing. Rex brought up the importance in giving workers compliments, acknowledgement, and appreciation. Something we know to do, but a wonderful reminder.

With this enlightenment I have decided to make giving workers compliments, acknowledgement, and appreciation a part of my regular routine. My plan is to use my payday as a reminder to pay some of those who work with me at First Baptist Jenks. Hopefully, they will be able to see that their serving is noticed and appreciated. If nothing else, they will know they are not forgotten.

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