Monday, September 7, 2009

Cole’s Poll (Week 1)

1. Florida – Undisputed top team in the country.
2. USC – Only Ohio State should be able to beat them, but they usually choke, will it happen again this year?
3. Texas – The Red River Shootout is all they care about, and for good reason.
4. Alabama – Will they fare better in their conference championship game with Florida… doubtful!
5. Oklahoma State – Could the hype be real… doubtful!
6. Penn State – Can a team with a cupcake schedule make the title game… I hope not!
7. Ole Miss – I thought Snead was suppose to be awesome?!?
8. Ohio State – Navy… seriously?
9. California – Looked good, but they usually do in September.
10. North Carolina – Granted they are an ACC team, but they are the ACC team to beat.

It was good to see Notre Dame, Michigan, Tennessee, Miami, and Arkansas win their openers, because when they are good college football is better. Most of these teams will face gigantic beatings in the coming weeks, but for one week they did good and get recognition. Also, congratulation to SMU and North Texas for matching their win totals last year in week one… hopefully they can win more than last year!

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