Friday, September 25, 2009

A NINES Review

9/9/9 there was an online conference put on by the Leadership Network. They had several quality speakers, and although I was unable to listen to each of them, there were many great things to glean from those I did listen to. Here are some of the highlights:

Ed Stetzer – God’s mission is the opposite of self 1. Pastor’s on mission seek God’s glory and God’s mission, not our own
a. When we worry about stuff, it’s typically our stuff instead of God’s
b. We need to encounter God so we can be on mission for God
2. Those on mission reflect being with God
3. Those on mission no longer live for themselves

Scott Wilson – Raising the Leadership Bar• Leadership sets the bar for where the church can grow, you church cannot grow beyond your own leadership
• Ephesians 4:11-ff, equip the saints for ministry
• Pastor’s are the anointed few… people in the pews need to move from spectators to being players, pastors need to move from being players to coaches
• Pastors are not here to do the job, they are here to equip members to do the work
1. As leaders we grow– we should all read 35 leadership book and listen to 120 leadership CD’s - $500 bonus if you do it, if you don’t grow you gotta go.
2. As leaders we need to mentor leadership – mentoring leaders
3. As leaders we need to multiply leadership – leaders building leaders

Bryan Carter – How to be a succession pastor1. Learn to live with a shadow: honor the person you follow
2. Learn to lead yourself: be your own self… be who you are
3. Learn to be patient: it takes 5-7 years to be their pastor, don’t get in a hurry

David Foster – Importance of Preparation• In communicating the Gospel, you must prepare to deliver God’s message to His people
• To stay fresh you must take hours to prepare God’s message (prayer, think and write)
• Preparation is the key to longevity and effectiveness
• Speak out of the overflow of what you are experiencing yourself

Rick Rusaw – How can we be the best church FOR the community?

Leonard Sweet – How do you deal with a big head?• How do you deal with pride and success…
• Create in me a clean heart oh God and give me a right spirit
• Humble confidence, confident humility is found in God (Phil 4:13)

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