Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cole's Poll (Week 3)

1. Florida – where was the beating they were to give Tennessee?
2. Texas – waiting for OU 10/17
3. Alabama – Ole Miss in 2 weeks
4. Ole Miss – Bama in 2 weeks
5. California – USC in 2 weeks
6. Penn State – cupcakes until 10/24
7. Miami – has the game of the week, the next two weeks (@ Va. Tech, v. OU)
8. LSU – Georgia in 2 weeks, Florida the following week = goodbye top 10!
9. Oklahoma = @ Miami in 2 weeks… will Bradford make the trip?
10. Michigan – They are probably not this good...

• Washington went winless last year (0-12), then beats USC this year? This speaks more to how pathetic Pete Carroll is after big games than it does to how good Washington already is in year one of Sarkisian. Pathetic Pete!
• Michigan and Kansas look really good as of now, but it is hard to believe they will keep winning once they play real competition.
• Nebraska won’t be sleeping for a few days… tough loss.

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