Friday, November 28, 2008

Wish List Update

Chistmas shopping has begun, so it is time to update my wish list.

The point of this is for those of you who read this blog is to alleviate my annoying tendency of never knowing what I want for Christmas or birthday.

For ground rules, there are 3 things that will not make the official list, they will be givens if you will. Those 3 things are: 3 million dollars, my mortgage paid off, and an Acura TL 3.2 (although I would be more than happy with a Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Prius - Black with Tan Leather Interior).

Without any further delay, my list:

1. Restaurant Gift Cards: This is a safe gift and always appreciated.

2. I know I am going to need a new lanmower, but unsure if I still want this one: Black & Decker Electric Lawnmower MM875 ($230)

3. Not sure that we need one of these now, but if we got a new grill, this is what I would like to have: Brinkman 810-8410S Gas Grill ($200 Home Depot)

4. 32" Plasma TV (Best Buy has a Samsung for $499 right now, but it is hard for me to justify spending that much on TV, although it would be great to have during football season).

5. Cable TV: We are one of the 4 families in America without some form of cable TV... I would like to have it, but wonder if it is worth $40-50 a month.


Art Rogers said...

I thought you were going to give explanations for these choices.

Hydroxicut needs one as does the visor. I mean, ok, you're a Cubs fan. I'm sorry. I can't help that, so ok. But why a visor?

Cole Hedgecock said...

Hydroxicut: I had a vision of working out more and getting back in shape, I thought this might help. Just to note, the price has been reduced to $19.99. Christy does not like the idea as she sees it as a weight loss thing, I see it as a metabolism booster.

Cubs visor: At one point I hated them, but now I'm a fan of the visor. It is like air conditioning for the head...