Sunday, November 2, 2008

Huge Day in Holagros

Today at 11:00 AM we are having our meeting with the community/school leaders in Holagros. Our main hope for this trip is to lay a solid foundation for a partnership that will last for years. As of now, we are supposed to go into the schools, coming alongside of the work they already do (specifically with basketball), for the purpose of leading future events (such as basketball tournaments) in the future. Here is a picture of city hall:

If everything were to work out perfectly, we could eventually bring our own basketball team in to compete and have exhibition games against their teams. This should open the door for our group to do other things, like teach English within their schools. Here is a picture of their school:

Pray for an equal excitement and desire to work with one another… the possibilities are truly grand.

p.s. Thanks to my AMEX lost luggage policy, I get to replace most of my clothing that has yet to arrive!

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