Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scripture Comes Alive in Corinth

On our trip we went to Corinth and it was really cool. Although I have never been geeked about archeology my time in Corinth made me really appreciate it. We got to see many things mentioned in 1 & 2 Corinthians and Acts, which was awesome in that is makes Scripture come alive.

We also witnessed the filth and degradation of the people of the time. They had all different kinds of immorality going on back in the day, to the point where an insult to one acting poorly was to call them a Corinthian… maybe like saying they have a sailors mouth. Anyway, we saw the market where Paul probably sold tents during his year and half there,

the bema seat,

the alter where burnt offerings were made to idols and more,

but my favorite part was where the racers would practice.

There were starting blocks, really more like indentions made in the stone for the racers. It made the passage all the passages about running the race come alive in my mind. It was also neat to see how Paul was able to use real examples from his day to help explain the Word of God. The starting blocks were in a part of town where Paul could very easily overlook them as he was working.

Our guide was great to show us these things and explain the significance of the area. God’s Word is awesome, and being able to experience the ruins of where the New Testament speaks of will impact me forever. God is great!


art rogers said...

Awesome pictures. That must have been a tremendous experience.

Cole Hedgecock said...

It really was... this makes me really want to take a trip to the Holy Land, which before this trip just held a mild point of interest for me.