Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cole's Poll, November 1

The eyes of Texas are filled with tears; Penn State is filled with jeers; more losses for top 5 school is near. My Top 15 with comments/prediction:

1. Texas Tech (will lose at least once)
2. Penn State (will finish undefeated)
3. Alabama (will lose in the SEC championship)
4. Texas (is crushed)
5. Oklahoma (will finish the regular season with one loss)
6. Florida (see OU)
7. Oklahoma State (will lose two more times)
8. Mizzou (got lucky against Baylor)
9. USC (Pac-1 champ has no heart)
10. TCU (lone loss to OU is respectable, even if they got beat down)
12. Utah (should be afraid of TCU)
11. Georgia (tuck tail and run)
13. Ohio State (pretenders should be glad they play in such a sorry conference)
14. Boise State (Overrated…)
15. Ball State (No, I am not serious about this one)

• The BCS championship game will be Penn State vs. Florida or OU.
- OU will have to pound OSU and Tech to the title game.
- Florida just has to win out and beat Bama by more than a touchdown.
• Tulsa and Ohio State are the same: they fold against real competition.

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Kellys said...

uh oh...penn state lost