Friday, November 7, 2008

Incredible Partnership Started!

Thursday we had the opportunity we prayed for over the past several months. We were able to go into the schools and come alongside their sports programs… the best case scenario, unbelievable.

Once we arrived in the schools for the basketball program the director looked at us and so something like, “okay, you lead them now.” Unbelievable! We proceeded to lead in basic basketball drills, which we had not prepared, but it worked out great. Later, we went to a professional ladies basketball game where a Athens played a team from Istanbul; Istanbul was supposed to crush them, but Athens played tough and only lost by 3.

The most incredible part of the day (trip) was that evening. Kostas, the sports director, invited the main man we are working with to sit by him… incredible. During the game, Niki, the assistant sports director, told me she had heard wonderful things from her people and wanted to know when we were coming back. She was so excited about our work that she listed dates in March, June, and other summer possibilities… incredible!

Anyway, today was a good day, great even! We were able to get into the schools again and had a great day leading basketball again. All of the kids (and parents) were elated to see us. The city officials invited us back again, asking us if and when we can come back... totally incredible. We have been blessed as a group and are really excited about the partnership that will last for years to come. This has been an incredible week!

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