Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greece Mission Pre-Trip

Right now I am on a plane headed to Athens Greece (via Newark, New Jersey). This is the first of two trips this year to Athens, Greece with my church. We are adopting a neighborhood and will be the official “missionaries” to that part of Athens! Athens has 5,000,000 people with 4,000 professing Christians, meaning they are .0008% Christian. There are 76 neighborhoods and 40 are completely unreached with no church, home group, or any evangelical witness.

Robert and I will be scouting out two particular neighborhoods (Byronas & Anthousa), and praying for God to reveal where we will make our 3 year partnership. One of those neighborhoods has a park in the center of it, which would create a great opportunity to do sports camps and all different types of outreach events. The other is on the outskirts of Athens, in a more rural part of the town, but it has an old abandoned church in it, which creates all different kinds of dreams within my heart. Just think how awesome it would be for God to awaken that neighborhood to Himself and use that place as the central location of revival within the city.

Part 2: We are finally checked in to our hotel, not sure what to expect this week, but Robert & I are definitely excited about the opportunities. Please pray that God would give us pristine clarity for which neighborhood we should adopt. Also pray for our families while we are gone, and for a safe return home.

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