Tuesday, July 8, 2008

June Mission Trip

On June 27-28 our church went to Abundant Grace Community Church in Dallas. We had 36 people go, which was great. We painted, grilled hamburgers & pizzas (yes, pizzas), had games for the kids, and passed out flyers. This was Chloe's first mission trip, and even though she may not remember it, I always will. It is Christy and my intent to model our faith instead of simply talking about it. We tried to have her tell everyone who came through the line that Jesus loves them... we pray for her to accept the love of Jesus too!

One of our guys had the opportunity to share Christ with a man who had been jumped just days prior. During their conversation, Robert noticed this man tense up. In the midst of their talk, a guy who had broken into his apartment, beat him up, and stole his stuff sat down directly across from them. This is where I would love to tell you how everyone received Christ and the man's possessions were returned, but the reality of it is the bully-man simply ate his free meal and left without acknowledging anyone.

This community is hard, so is the work that Pastor Bob does, but it is good work. Overall, our group felt blessed to be able to serve this community church. Our final trip is August 1-2 where we will help throw a back-to-school bash! We have already collected $600 to purchase 100 backpacks that we will give to the community children, along with some supplies. We are really looking forward to a continued partnership with Bob and Abundant Grace!

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