Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prescribed Relaxation

One of the things I am not crazy about sharing, but will share anyway for the 2 people who read this blog is that there was a time where I went to counseling for 10 months… YIKES! The thought of it makes my toes curl, but I will say that it is good to go to someone when you know you need help, and I was desperate for help.

During my time, my shrink continually emphasized the need to focus on relaxing. The point was to prevent burnout, ease tension, and have a routine outlet where all you do is have fun. For some this might be found in running or golf, others like fishing or hunting, and for my wife it is found in pedicures and scrapbooking.

To be honest, the quack was right… just kidding, the doc knows his stuff! It is my opinion that everyone needs to have a regular time of relaxation where they can get away from their stress and do something they enjoy doing. My challenge is going to be switching Friday mornings with my wife. She gets one, I get the next… every two weeks sounds about right!

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