Friday, October 10, 2008

Google Reader

A couple friends told me about Google Reader about a year ago and I want to share it with the three people who read my blog. Google reader is a phenomenal tool that chops surfing town down exponentially. For instance, if you spend an hour or two just surfing websites, you can cut that time down to 10-15 minutes, while avoiding ads and pop-ups common with many websites. Google Reader works like an email account; you login to it and it sends you updates from all of the websites you subscribe to. Anytime there is an update, it is automatically sent to your account. So, if you already have gmail, all you have to do is go to the My Account, click on Reader, and start subscribing to whichever websites or blogs you enjoy (if you don’t have a gmail account, it is free and definitely worth your time). For me it is great, because I can get all the updates I want on the things that interest me.

Here is Google Reader in Plain English:

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