Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shoulder Surgery: 2 Week Update

Through Friday, I felt totally fine… thank you narcotics and pain meds! Saturday I tried jump off the pills and started to experience mild nausea. Sunday rolled around and the mild nausea turned to moderate nausea, with little pain in shoulder. That with the exception of the senior adult lady who decided poking my incision 3 times would be a good idea!

Monday I went cold turkey off all my meds and paid for it severely. Oddly enough though, it was not shoulder pain, it was terrible nausea. Around 7PM or so, I could not take it anymore and jumped back on my pills and patch that prevent said discomfort. Tuesday was met with extreme fatigue (from the meds), but an awareness that the nausea was being magnified by dehydration.

Since then, I’ve been pounding Gatorade, water, and anything else without caffeine. My problem Wednesday was a migraine, which lingered all day and diminished in the late hours of the night.

Going back to Monday, I decided to weigh myself due to many comments from church members asking me how much weight I had lost. When I stepped on the scale I was shocked to learn I had dropped 13 pounds, and weighed less than when I graduated high school! This morning I weighed and had gained 4 pounds back, mainly from fluids I guess.

Thankfully, I only have 1 more week until my checkup with my doctor. I am expecting to start physical therapy the following day and experience pain I have not felt since the initial dislocation… and for some strange reason I am honestly looking forward to it (and getting out of this sling)!

Just so you know, Christy has been my saving grace. She has constantly given of her time to serve me and our family. Although I feel terrible that she has to bear the brunt of everything in our home, she has not complained or made me feel guilty about it once. Christy is the best!

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