Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shoulder Surgery: 3 Week Update

Today I had my 3 week checkup and it went great. Dr. Conway, who I would strongly recommend, showed me the pictures of my shoulder from surgery, then showed me pictures from a textbook, and it was obvious it could not have gone better.

He wants me to start physical therapy ASAP, and I was fortunate enough to get in for my first appointment tomorrow at 1:00. I have at least 4 weeks of going 3 times a week, and then he will give me new instructions after that. In addition to that, he gave me at home therapy as well… fun stuff.

Here are the pictures from my surgery. This one is a picture of my shoulder ball, where he fixed the major divot.

This one is of my shredded labrum, where he reattached the tendons.

Christy and I could not be more pleased with Dr. Conway and the process thus far… unless it could have been avoided altogether!

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