Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shoulder Surgery: Day 1

Wednesday: Surgery Day: Checked-in at 6:30 AM, the nurses prepped me and the doctor saw me about 2 hours earlier than he thought he would. The anesthesiologist gave me a rundown of what they were going to do, and then I woke up about 2 and ½ hours later. During my surgery Christy was visited by Rick, Kyle and Jamie.

Throughout the day I felt fine, no pain, just a little woozy from the morphine. Brent & Natalie (and Peyten) came to visit as well, which was also great! Christy took them out for a Mexican lunch and they headed back to Tulsa to pickup Logan from school.

Around 5:00 my new nurse came in and told me that if I had not gone to the bathroom within 2 hours they were going to put a catheter in me… YIKES! So for the next good bit of time, I strained, prayed, and God heard my request and I went. It was the most excitement I have ever had taking a leak, next only to the time Chloe was potty-trained!

They fed me meatloaf for dinner, which Christy ate most of, I devoured the squash and zucchini. James and Stephanie came up to visit later that night for a couple of hours, which was awesome. At some point during their visit, I really began to feel the block wear off, so I pumped that morphine drip like it was going out of style.

Around 11:00-midnight, things went from relatively good to horrid. It was not the shoulder though, it was the dreaded migraine! Due to my over zealous trigger finger on the drip, they could not allow me to take any headache pills. We struggled through the night and into the morning, where my body quit fighting and I lost whatever was in my stomach.

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