Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shoulder Surgery: Day 5

Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day. For whatever reason, I went to church today. During class, Craig had to help me get from our small group upstairs to our coffee bar downstairs. While it was great to see everyone, the tiredness and dizziness made me somewhat regret going… however, there were 11 kids who came forward asking Jesus to save them and 3 families that joined the church, so I really was elated to witness that!

One of the things we were able to do, aside from just going to church was to get out of the house. My dad and I went to run some errands and watch a movie. The movie was easy as we just sat and watched, but while we were running errands we have to head home early after just two errands, because I worn out.

Today was the highest level of pain I’ve been in since the surgery. The side-effects of the pills are pretty severe… I wonder if they get worse as time goes on. Again it was fantastic to have my parents there to help us out, I am hoping and praying Christy can manage our home, kids, cooking, cleaning, etc. without get worn out when they leave! You pray for her too!!!

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